Armenian Metsamor NPP – new Chernobyl

Metsamor NPP

When the whole World is discussing the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant danger, there is still possibility of appearing another Chernobyl cloud over the Mid East and Europe.
Armenian leadership must be forced to close Metsamor nuclear power plant.

IAEA and those influential international organizations with Armenia as a party should play a special role in it, political scientist Oqtay Sadikhzade.

He said explanations of official Yerevan that Metsamor nuclear power plant ensures the energy security of Armenia must not cause the situation when the South Caucasus lives under threat of the most terrible implications of force majeure circumstances at this nuclear power plant, which are quite possible for the reason of its complete obsoleteness and location in a seismically active zone.

‘It is necessary to persuade Yerevan about the gradual transfer to hydroelectric power stations and other energy sources. The world has already seen the terrible implications of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, which cannot be ruled out in the case with Metsamor nuke plant, whose poor financing from the Armenian budget raises concerns about the quality of security and operation of this dangerous object. The residents of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia must not fall victims of the force majeure at the Metsamor nuke plant and this must be declared from all possible tribunes unless this nuclear plant is closed’, Sadikhzade said.


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