IRELI Media Academy project

“IRELI” Media Academy is one of the biggest journalism courses in Azerbaijan. The main objective of “IRELI” Media Academy is to create innovation center which will bring people and resources together to develop journalism in Azerbaijan in accordance with contemporary rates and standards, based on analytical analysis of impartial and rich information. Another objective is to produce well-educated young professional journalists with wide world outlook, and achieve their proper representation in national media. “IRELI” Media Academy-1” lasted 6 months from June to November, 2010. The main modules of the Academy are as follows:

Module 1: Journalism and creativity Methods of writing the journalist materials Competency to prepare different TV programs and telecasts Media researches

Module 2: PR, creative and sociological research methods PR conception INSIGHT – opening of insight Idea management Media culture

Module 3: Project and team leader, Media management competenc,y Control Media systems, Time management

35 students took part in the course. The students were awarded a certificate and a diploma upon successful completion. 5 students with the highest results were awarded with Honors Diploma. Outstanding people and professionals of Azerbaijan Republic, foreign guests met with young journalists, and shared valuable information with them. “IRELI” Media Academy participants were at Azerbaijani TV channels to gain practical experience, and got familiar with the work of television closely. The students who completed the course successfully were employed at the Means of Mass Information. Besides, 5 students with the highest results will undergo one month practical course in Turkey to further improve their education. Please be informed that “IRELI” Public Union is an organization established on activities of young professionals, and holds an active position in today’s socio-political life of Azerbaijan. Our organization sees successive investment in human capital as the most effective and continuous way to develop. “IRELI” has individual and collective membership system. Over 10.000 youth and 12 organizations are members of “IRELI”. “IRELI” strives to develop society for the youth through the youth. Over 120.000 people took part in the projects “IRELI” held since 2009. The activities of “IRELI” cover all the regions and cities of Azerbaijan; it also has coordinators in 13 European cities. “IRELI” is an organization based on initiatives of the youth

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2 Responses to IRELI Media Academy project

  1. Novruz says:

    Aha..oxudum…Sirf Ireli haqda melumatlar ..Duzgun qeyd edilib..Media Akademy Azerbaycnada belkede,en chox meqsede uygun Jurnalistika kurslarindan biridir..6 Ay davam etmish lahiyedir..Amma chox Tohfeler verdi Genc jurnalistlere…

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