New initiative of MP Ceyhun Osmanli

Special traffic signs, reflecting names of occupied regions, distance to them must be installed on highways,roads of republican concern in Azerbaijan.

“We, as a country in a state of war, must always maintain our psychological readiness. World experience shows that achieving complete military mindset in a society depends on whether every citizen will feel the manifestation of the war in their daily lives. As representatives of the Milli Majlis, we, in order to achieve this goal, in turn must take the advantage of everything, even the slightest opportunity.

The European Convention on Road Signs, ratified by Milli Medjlis, is a convenient reservoir for the implementation of this issue. The fact is that by taking the advantage of this, we can attain the installation on the main roads of national concern, the new special road signs or indicators that show the names of the occupied areas, as well as the distance to them from Baku and other regions of the country. Everyone who travels along our roads, should remember the distance from Baku to Shusha, Khankendi and Khojaly. Through such measures, we will ensure that every citizen of the country since childhood will know the name of the occupied land, as well as their location. Along with this we are able to psychologically prepare our people to the “historical journey”, we must overcome. Many believe that the occupied lands are geographically located very far from us. In fact, it is not, for example, the distance from Baku to Shusha is much shorter than the distance to Tovuz, the distance to Khankendi  is shorter that to Qazakh, it easier to get to Khojaly than Gedebey, etc.
Every Azerbaijani should know that the occupied territories are much closer to us than we think. Thus, we can create the appropriate impression of foreigners.

Look at neighboring Georgia. The path leading into South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as well as mileage alienates them from a given region of the country, are indicated on the highways. Or Germans who during the partition of their homeland, never ceased to declare Bonn-Berlin route at railroads, though in fact, at that time it had no effect. But every German psychologicall visited Berlin ebery day, that has kept them in the idea of German belonging of the city. That is the real psychological warfare”, MP says in his statement.


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