International training course in Azerbaijan

“Youth for Human Rights Education: Let’s Promote Our Rights” International Training Course on Human Rights Education

1 – 8 April 2010, Baku, Azerbaijan

(Arrival Date: 1 April – Departure Date: 8 April, 2010)

Deadline is 25th February 2010

——Why this Training Course?

Azerbaijan Youth Parliament is committed to supporting the work of the Council of Europe, Directorate of Youth & Sports Programme since 2005. In the result of this successful cooperation with European Youth Foundation, every year we became regular partner of European Youth Foundation in Azerbaijan. For this term, Azerbaijan Youth Parliament will be organising a Training Course, in Baku during 1st – 8th April 2010 which will bring together 22 youth leaders and youth workers active all around the Council of Europe Countries. This course aims to develop the competence of participants in working with human rights education at national and regional level and to enable them to act as trainers or multipliers for human rights education, especially through international training courses. The experiences acquired during the past two years with the Human Rights Education Youth Programmer confirm that the success of European educational projects of this kind depends on the provision of appropriate and accessible educational methodologies and tools (such as the Education Pack “all different-all equal”, COMPASS). Project objectives are to create training course and field work to introduce youth workers human rights and human rights education for social transformation. At this training course participants will learn, share, and develop practical methodologies and strategies for extending and promoting human rights education in their countries. Participants will also requested more information on specific articles of the conventions, expressing a growing interest in international human rights treaties. Activities will be focused on human rights education. The training course will be held in association with Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic and IRELI Public Union.

——Aims and Objectives of the Training Course

  • To review and address the essential competencies, skills and attitudes for trainers working with human rights education in non-formal learning settings;
  • To help young participants learn about the ideas, concepts and strategies of human rights through engaging in meaningful dialogue, promoting critical analysis, encouraging self-reflection and fostering action.
  • To understand how the promotion and protection of human rights can be used as an effective tool to help prevent conflict, minimize the potential for mass violence.
  • To enable participants to develop activities and programmes for training trainers and multipliers in human rights education at national level
  • To facilitate the exchange and the sharing of experiences in the field of human rights training and education;
  • To create, inspire and nurture both new and existing youth-led activities aimed at promoting and protecting human rights.
  • To associate the participants and their organizations with the priorities of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe related to human rights education
  • To empower young people at the international level to be pro-active in ensuring greater respect for human rights and to strengthen partnerships between the United Nations, Europe Council and local human rights constituencies.

——Methodology of the Training Course

The Methodology of this Training Course is composed of a balanced mixture of non-formal learning methods, including energizers, getting to know each other, working group sessions and inputs by the trainers. A range of methods will be used: interaction methods, task-orientated methods, cooperation methods, game-methods, instruction methods, reviewing methods. The course is designed to give participants the opportunity to experience and reflect upon activities and concepts central to human rights education based on experiential learning approaches. Contributions from experts in the field of human rights will establish a theoretical framework and a common reference point for learning and communication, and there will be an opportunity to try out and evaluate some of the activities in COMPASS. A diversity of working methods will be used for learning about human rights and the approaches proposed in COMPASS.

——Profile of Participants

The Training Course will bring together 22 participants from a variety of backgrounds: minority youth leaders and those working with minorities as well as NGO representatives, especially from youth organisation mainly from the Human Rights Education field. The requirements for participation are:

  • Working in human rights education field and in-depth experience in working on Human Rights Education projects.
  • Be highly motivated to participate and contribute to the event and to the implementation of its results, and have the capacity within their organization or work to do so;
  • Active at the local, regional and national level,
  • Representatives of local and public authorities (schools, youth services etc.), Youth Parliaments,  School Parliaments
  • Actively involved in or supporting work with minority youth,
  • Aged between 18 and 30 (exceptions could be made based on justification). There will be 22 participants coming from the different COE countries. We are expecting two local participants from Azerbaijan and one from each other countries.
  • Well informed about their organization and be prepared to represent its activities to the participants of this meeting;
  • Act as a multiplies once back home;
  • Available for full duration of the Training Course
  • Be committed fully to attend the course and be supported by their youth organization
  • Level of commitment for follow up of project implementation,

——Working languages

English is working language of the meeting.

——Participating countries:

All COE Countries

Priority will be given (Ukraine, United Kingdom, Turkey, Moldova, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Estonia, France, Czech Republic, Georgia, Russian Federation, Romania, Hungary, Azerbaijan, and Germany)

——-Practical Information


Board and lodging will be provided by Azerbaijan Youth Parliament for the whole duration of the meeting in Azerbaijan.


Participants are asked to have their own insurance for the duration of the seminar for accident, civil liability or illness. The organizers do not cover insurance costs.


Baku, Azerbaijan

Exact location will be shared with acceptance and invitation letters.


Arrival day will be Thursday – 1 April 2010

Departure day will be Thursday – 8 April 2010

——Financial Information

Travel reimbursement

Travel costs of all participants will be reimbursed at 70% based on the original tickets, invoices and all travel related tickets. The 70% of reimbursement should not exceed:

350 Euros for other COE countries

300 Euros for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Moldova

250 Euros for Turkey, Russia and Ukraine

50 Euros for Georgia

There is no reimbursement for the local participants coming from different regions of Azerbaijan.  Visa costs of foreign participants will be fully reimbursed by the hosted organization based on the original invoices that you get in the border of Baku airport. (Please ask for the receipt of visa)

Due to a low budget for transport, we encourage participants that come from a range of 1000 km to use bus or train as means of transport.

Before purchasing your tickets, please consult with the organizers upon the travel costs. (All the details of the travel information will be given to the selected participants)

The meeting can take place when participants make an effort to contribute financially to their travel costs. Therefore, we kindly ask you to use any alternative possibilities of funding that can cover travel costs. Sometimes your sending organizations or structures would effort to cover the travel costs or you may identify small local grants to contribute for the travel cost. We would appreciate very much your help.

——Application Procedure and Selection of Participants

All those interested in attending must return the application form to the team by e-mail latest by 25th of February 2010.

Candidates will be informed by 1st of March, 2010 whether they have been accepted, put on the waiting list or refused. Accepted candidates will receive the course documentation directly.

The preparatory team will select 22 participants on the basis of the profile outlined above and ensuring a balanced group (gender, geographical regions, different types of experiences, cultural backgrounds and organisations).  During the selection process, criteria will be applied to ensure a balance between sexes, geographical regions, and the diversity of religions, cultures and organizations. The motivation and capacity for follow up through the individual participant will be taken into consideration.

The participant selection process will be based on a detailed questionnaire and recommendation letters from sending organisations.



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  2. Dear sir,I am so delighted to address our concern that our organization is wishing to nominate the following delegates to represent us to the upcoming event for 2010.

    As mention through you general information list, Rest assure that their flights cost and other local cost during their stay will be taken care event if the organizers will be reimbursing their cost of travel and accommodation.

    If you will require their scan passport copies then i am going to sent without delay.

    Mr.Motale Nebota Mukete E-mail: +237-79153717

    Miss.Muke Mercy Sone,

    Mr.Elumba Esengemu Fossung

    Mr.David Sakwe Nebota Mukete

    Mr.Enow Enow Stephen

    Mr.Abongwa Kingsley Azombi

    Mr.Motale Nebota Mukete
    Executive Director,
    The redemption health foundation for sustainable rural development and conservation.
    Bp 321 Kumba,meme,south west region.
    Cameroon .
    Tel +237 79153717

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